Monday, October 27, 2014

Son of a Nutcracker!

The NYC Marathon is in 6 days?
Hold up, I think I'm running that.
I couldn't find a more fitting gif compilation to tell my story about the upcoming New York City Marathon than, of course, The Elf. I mean, he's wearing running tights, the movie is set in NY and come on, it's Will Ferrell. By the way, did you know that Ferrell ran the Boston Marathon in 2003 in 3:56:12? Pretty impressive!

So, back to me. Let's start with my training. So I started off strong. Well, I was running. Regularly. And I didn't die. Then life kinda crumbled a bit and I went insane until maybe next week and training was SLACK. BUT, despite not running much during the weeks, I still got in my long runs. Ran my 18 miles...LIKE A BOSS. Who cares if I didn't run during the week... at all? Not the most solid idea in the world, but in my brain, I just have to make it to mile 20 and from there on out, I can walk half a mile, run half a mile and get my ass across that finish line. I'll totally make it happen. A friend told me it was being televised and asked how to find me. I told her that I would be the one dragging my leg across the finish line with a glass of wine in my hand. I'm not being funny. There is a 90% chance this will come to fruition.

This is miles 1-8. Feeling great. Having some fun.
I am really good at making marathon torture fun. Bizarre, I know, but I bring my camera, take pictures with whoever is willing to participate and laugh at myself even when it isn't so pretty. I make friends along the way and meet the most interesting people with great stories. It keeps me entertained and hey, I just like friends, why not make a few more? You have to make the best of any situation in life. A marathon is no different. I will hit every emotion there is. I will hit excitement at the start and nervousness as my coral begins to roll out.
Rolling out. You start off a little unsure and then you just jump in.
I will feel strong at the beginning and I will reach a moment when I would rather do anything (including deliver quadruplets with no pain meds) than actually run this marathon. I will take a few steps feeling peace when I can see the sun over the skyline. I will think back on why I started running in the first place (that's always my favorite moment) and I will think of funny stories about Emily. I love anything that reminds me of Emily. Then I will hit the wall...
And then there is mile 20-26. This is EXACTLY what it's like.
I will feel defeated from mile 20 until the finish, but at that line, at that glorious line with the crowd of complete strangers cheering, my feet will stop, my heart will pound, my eyes will fill with tears and my heart will fill with pride and maybe a little vomit. It is an emotion I cannot possibly describe in accuracy. They will slide a medal over my head and give me an extra shiny blanket that is so loud you can't hear anything else around you. I will snuggle up in my crinkly space blanket and keep walking until they usher you out of the finish line area and I am done.

Congratulations! Nice to meet you.
This is it. My LAST full marathon. Eight marathons completed. I will know I gave EVERYTHING I had inside of me to finish the race. I will know I asked my friends and family a million and seventeen times to donate to my cause, to the thing I love most... the Humane Society of Eastern Carolina. I will know that not only did I run a marathon, but I saved a few lives while I was at it. 

AND here it is... I am $307 shy of my fundraising goal of $2,620. That is $100 per mile! So far, I've raised $2,313. I can't stop at mile 23.13. That would be silly. I would never reach that finish line moment and let's be real, I wouldn't get my medal!!! Ain't nobody got time for that! So, if you haven't donated yet (don't be a cotton headed ninny-muggins), please take a minute to do so today and help me reach my goal and SAVE LIVES! $300 will fully vet 3 dogs at our facility. That is 3 extra furry lives you helped save. Skip your coffee today and donate whatever you can spare. No amount it too small!